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Patrons of our STANDUP tanning facility will indulge our practice of  Moisturizer Tanning wherein you reap the benefits of actual pigment tanning which produces MASS quantities of Vitamin D internally when clients let both UVA & UVB rays penetrate the outermost skin layer, while only using a moisturizer to gain a base tan indoors.

It’s better than the Pill! Like putting babies under UV lights in the hospital, try making your own Vitamin D internally with Tanup's Indoor Standup System to look and feel better quickly! 
Should you have questions regarding our moisturizer only indoor tanning philosophy policy or our concerns with using bronzer dyes with lamp exposures please leave comments here or email us directly at tanup@telus.net.

If you want a tan then tan, if you want to dye then dye; but you shouldn't mix them together, as the dye is blocking the effects of a real pigment tan and could cause a cancer to take place over time and exposure.  We will ask you not to use the lotions and dyes in our machines, instead we send you home to put them on to see for yourself that you don't need TANNING machines if you're using bronzer DYES.

Did anyone watch the "King of Queens" episode which aired October 7th, 2011, where Doug was quitting his delivery job and Carrie exchanged favours with their neighbor Lou Ferrigno whereby he installed her air conditioner while she had to apply some bronzer to his body before a body building show as his wife was out of town and usually applied the bronzer for him for good coverage in places he couldn't reach? What was apparent was that even Lou Ferrigno  and all the people making that show knew that you don't have to put yourself in front of the lamps to turn brown using the bronzers.  It was applied in the comfort of Doug and Carrie's livingroom!

This is what Tanup has been trying to get across to the tanning public for years. The bronzers are a dye and not a tan at all.  So why are you exposing yourself to the lamps again? 

So the next day, Lou shows up to install the air conditioner and opens his shirt and shows Carrie his rich color.  It's fantastic! she exclaims.  He can get her two bottles if she wants. The next few scenes shows Carrie, her complexion redder and redder where finally Doug runs into her on the street and wants to know how much of that stuff she's putting on. Again, the whole show, not one person went to a salon to tan using the bronzer dye. 

More salons are opting for using only moisturizers for indoor tanning as that is what some clients have discovered works best from their trial and personal experiences, as well.  It is our experience and our clients'.

If you bring a bronzer to our salon we ask you to try the bronzer test so you can make a personally informed choice about what kind of indoor tanning hazards you might expose yourself to using the indoor tanning products.

Bronzer Test:

1)  Can you get a tan using bronzers for indoor tanning purposes?  Let's see:

Instead of tanning indoors today, you took your bronzer home with you and put it on.  After 12 hours the dye has "set" and your skin has turned color as if you had tanned for days - if it didn't wash off in the shower first (that's why the salon tells you not to shower right away.)  It's a dye.  So - why are you dying yourself in front of UV ray lamps?  Nothing is getting through the dye as, when it wears off, there is no real pigment underneath and you are as white as you started.  We fear this is one way to give yourself cancer from indoor tanning uv ray exposures. 


Tan indoors six sessions over a twelve day time period (every other day) using only a moisturizer instead of a bronzer to tan your body, while doing this apply bronzer to one part of your body only (say your left forearm or front of one leg).

On tan number five, quit using the bronzer.  Apply nothing to the forearm or front leg area.

By the end of tan number six, you will have changed color from the pigment naturally produced by your very own body from exposing yourself to the UV lamps using only a moisturizer (bet you feel happier lately, too).

Examine the area where you had applied the bronzer.  Was any color produced under the place you applied the bronzer after the dye wore off?  Is it the same color as the rest of your body?  Which part looks like it really tanned?

We GIVE YOU A FREE MOISTURIZER BEFORE you tan so that you will see tanning results faster, that stay with you longer as a real tan is taking place a skin layer deep and can't be washed down the drain after you've made it.

Vitamin D is produced every time the UV rays touch your skin and pigment is a good indication of how much Vitamin D has filled your body naturally, biologically, photosynthetically - by you, for your health, immunity and regeneration.

With two kinds of booths our lower pressure standup is the TANUP unit and our higher pressure is the BEAMUP - for those who want to feel "the heat" with a 400 watt floor lamp.
Tanup Beamup
We are Smart Tan Canada trained and Certified Indoor Tanning Consultants.
Our clients visit us from all over the World and appreciate our truthful approach to tanning while giving informative tips on indoor tanning practices for better skin care, longer lasting tans and to prevent burning of untanned skin by starting with lower exposures, indoors or out.

Standup booth tanning produces a dry heat and will not cause you to sweat or smell and assists some skin conditions as no contact is made with the surface. Consult your dermatologist on the benefits of UV ray penetration on the outermost layer of human skin.  Like plants in the window, we all need some sun exposure to thrive.

If you are sweating, you are doing too many minutes.  Clean, hydrated skin tans best. 

It's not how many minutes you tan that makes you browner, it's the fact you are getting the UV ray exposure that causes melanocyte cells to divide and produce pigment which makes your skin color browner - whether it's a one minute minimal exposure or the maximum the booth allows.  Sweat fragments the rays causing burning instead of penetration - which means no tan and a waste of minutes. 

Standup Booth Tanning is faster so you will use half the minutes or less than you would boiling your body in sweat in a traditional laydown unit.  The average session would be five minutes once you are brown which is just half of our booth maximum of ten.  You will not experience any lines, “racing stripes” or pressure spots while you’re movin’ and groovin’ in a standup tanning unit.


Equipment Value:    Low and High Pressure Standup Booth Tanning Systems

     Tanup Low Pressure Unit 1 Minute    =    3 Minutes Regular Laydown Tanning Bed

Beamup High Pressure Unit 1 Minute   =   2 Minutes Low Pressure Standup Unit


Minutes Value:

Minimal Exposure Every Other Day creates a Skin Deep Pigment Tan & Vitamin D

(Vitamin D made photosynthetically = more pigment tan = more Vitamin D internally)

Sensible session times are displayed on ALL standup tanning equipment used today:

Skin Type      Low Pressure Standup Minutes Every Other Day Session Progression

(Pale)    2      1  1  2  2  3  3  4  4  5  5  =       30 mins  10 Sessions over 20 Days

(White)  3      2  2  3  3  4  4  5  5         =       28 mins   8 Sessions over 16 Days

(Beige)  4       3  3  4  4  5  5                 =       24 mins   6 Sessions over 12 Days

(Brown) 5       4  4  5  5                        =       18 mins   4 Sessions over 8 Days

Maximum Session is 10 minutes either booth, most clients opt for less than 7 usually!

No further visits required for 30 days or more – beach brown & vacation ready!

Minutes Pricing:

$1.50/minute x 30 Minutes = $45   Add Goggles = $5    Base Tan Achieved Total $50

Pricing Value:

$1.50/minute = Rent, Power, New Lamps, Wages, Salon Supplies, Free Moisturizer!


Our Clients have used our system, turning brown without burning applying

only regular everyday moisturizers and pigment lasted weeks and months!

Our Competition – Lotion and Bronzers

Apply salon bronzer without tanning – dye sets in several hours and the “tanned look” effect wears off in a few days (even with lamps) revealing little pigment tan so apply the dye again – 2 x’s weekly = 8oz dye = $100dye + $40 for 200 lamp minutes monthly.

Google Cosmetics Cause Cancer? and read about UV Ray induced Cancers.

If UV light resists penetrating the dye thus unable to cause a pigment tan,
why are you using lamps with the dyes? 
No pigment, no Vitamin D and possible radiation exposure cancers over time. 
What are you paying for? 

Are you a “Dyeing” Salon or a “Tanning” Salon client? 

You have a choice, real tans won’t turn your skin orange, but dyes will.

Chemical seepage, daily UV ray and/or blocked UV ray exposures can cause cancers.

You won’t need bronzer as our system Guarantees a real tan just like being outside mowing your lawn or a vacation, with no cancer worry and your first tan is free!

Get educated with Sensible Simulated Sunlight Sessions at Tanup Salon.

As we are only selling minutes in our machines, our standup packages are inexpensively priced when compared to those bargains you receive from tanning with expensive dyes in bronzers using so-called “free minutes”.  In most salons your minutes are calculated into the cost of the bronzer they sold you so you really are paying extra for them.

Tanup GIVES you the tanning aid, a moisturizer - for free so that you can experience and see for yourself real lasting tanning results, not just a temporary dye on your skin that wears off in a few days and you still have no tan underneath.

Tanup Salon minutes never expire and you can share them with friends and family. Minutes can be transferred to anyone tanning in our Salon in Cold Lake, Alberta, whether you come from Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC or a military installation, anywhere.

Refer a friend and receive Five Free Standup Tanning Minutes.

Ask about our 5 Minutes Free coupons.
Gift Certificates also for purchase at reception area.
Minutes Never Expire
 Share them with Anyone.
Drop Ins  'By the Minute' for $1.50 + GST!  Family Minutes are $1.35 + GST
(Gotta pay the electricity to light these babies up!! :)
Summer Special is 50 minutes for $70.00 plus GST  
Winter Special is 70 minutes for $100.00 plus GST

Protective Eyewear available $5 pair, free moisturizers, handy wet and dry wipes, foot protection and tanning education are all available for your sanitary, indoor tanning experience!
No unattended children allowed.  
All Patrons under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 
(minor permission waiver signed) during their first visit. 
All patrons under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal aged guardian every visit. 
All Patrons eight to ten years old require a parent present in the session room.

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